How To Write Local SEO Content That Ranks #1 With

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If you want more traffic from Google but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.

If you’re like most people, I’m guessing that you’ve tried writing content before, but it didn’t work. It’s frustrating, I know! 

Well, I’m going to teach you exactly how to write content that ranks number one on Google using the content optimization tool. 

This tool will save you hours of frustration and take all the guesswork out of writing high-quality content that actually ranks.

Before we get started, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here if you want more leads, traffic, and sales to your website with local SEO.

Okay, let’s get started.

What Is Frase.IO is a powerful tool for optimizing your new and existing content for on-page SEO.

By analyzing your content and measuring it against competitors for your targeted keyword, helps streamline the process of researching and writing content. 

What this does is allow you a clear and concise way of improving your content rankings. 

So, How Does Frase Do This?

It takes care of the detailed research for you, analyses what your competitors are doing, and can give you a score for your existing content.

Frase will show you exactly how to write or improve your content so that it actually ranks on Google. 

How To Write Content Using Frase.IO

Head over to and set up an account.

After which, you’re going to log in and navigate to New Document. You’ll then pick the desired keyword for your business.

For this example, I’ll use ‘plumber Texas.’

Enter keyword in Frase

A quick check-in Ahrefs shows this keyword gets 20 searches per month and has a medium keyword difficulty. 

plumber texas ahrefs

So let’s assume you want to write some content for this keyword using 

Back in Frase, and after clicking on New Document, you’re going to create a new article for the keyword ‘Plumber in Texas’.

Once you have entered the keyword, click on Create Document

create document

It’s worth noting that if you already have content on your website, can easily help you optimize it. 

To do this, click on the New Document, go to the optimize existing content tab, and follow the steps. 

optimize your existing content

Okay, back to creating the original article. 

Create Your Document

Once you’ve clicked on Create Document, Frase will then show a loading screen.

It’s conducting research analyses and analyzing search results on websites that are already ranking on Google for this keyword.

You might see that has a built-in A.I. writer that can write some content for you. 

I’ll cover more on that later, though. 

Frase Metrics

Once the document is fully loaded, you will now be able to see some metrics that Frase has given you.

These metrics are going to be your guide to creating content that will outrank your competitors. 

list of metrics frase

The list of metrics you should see is:

Word Count

As you can see in the image below, Frase will give you the average word count from other ranking articles. 

To outrank your competitors, you will need to either match their word count or better it. 


This is how many headers you should include in your article. Note this is a guide, and if it makes sense to cover topics more in-depth, you should do so.  


If you didn’t know already, backlinks are crucial to the success of your website. Frase lets you know the minimum amount of links your content should include.


This one is straightforward. It shows you the average amount of images your competitors gave in their article. 

Frase Rankings

Scrolling down from the metrics, you will see Frase rankings.

For example, the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, your professional plumbing service, is a top-ranking article. 

frase image

In this section, you’re getting all the competitive information from these top pages. 

Topic Score

Now, if you scroll through the tabs, you should see the topic score as pictured below. 

frase topic score

When you start writing content, you will be scored on the amount of identified keywords you have or don’t have in your article. 

By including relevant keywords inside your content and answering specific questions, Frase will give you a higher article score. 

The higher the score, the better. 

You’ve got so much information inside of Frase, but how do you use it? 

Keep reading to find out.

Automate Your Content Brief

Now it’s time to automate your content brief.

So, find the workflows tab drop-down and then click automate content brief. 

content brief

After you click it, you can then select from a range of options on what to include in your brief, such as:

  • Guidelines 
  • People also ask 
  • SERP
  • Topic clusters
  • Topics
  • Headers 
  • Questions
  • Statistics
  • Hyperlinks
content list of options

As you can see, instead of creating the brief yourself and spending hours manually doing keyword research, does it all for you. 

I’m going to select all the options and insert them into the brief. By doing so you’ll get to see just how powerful Frase is as an SEO tool. 

content brief

You can also give this content brief to your writing team.

Your writer will have everything they need to get started, including all these guidelines.

As you know, it will give your writer information on how many words to include, what sort of headings to have, what sort of questions to answer, etc. 

Also, you’ve got some insights on the SERPs, so your writers can click on these and scan through the results getting great insights. 

As you keep scrolling down the brief, you can also see the topics you should cover in your content. 

topics to cover

Further down, you’re given some keywords to include in your article. 

Headers you can use for inspiration.

headers to include

Some top questions that are when searching this keyword. 

questions people ask

Continue to scroll down, and you will see some of the statistics typically used as references for this keyword. 

statistics in frase

These are great if you want to make your content more interesting, engaging, and look more authoritative in terms of references and statistics. 

And then finally, you’ve got some external links. These are ideas of people you could link to inside your content to make it look more well referenced. 

serp analysis

Example Of Using The Frase.IO Guidelines

Okay, so that’s pretty much it for the content brief now; you can start writing. 

Click on the My Content tab next to the Content Brief tab and simply begin writing your article. 

For example, we’re the top plumbers in Texas.

start writing

You’ll notice that as you write the content, the metrics section will be updated. So far, I have written six words out of the target 649 words. 

list of metrics frase

One header has been used. 

But actually, you need to include two, as you can see by the suggestion. 

You can then begin to bridge the gap between you and your competitors to optimize your content and more likely to rank in Google. 

Please Use Common Sense

I need to say that you need to be using some common sense with any tool. 

So if you go to the topic score, for example, you can see that there’s a crazy number of keywords. 

Common sense would tell you that you don’t need to include all of them inside your content because then it probably wouldn’t read very well. 

Because you’ve only got 649 words to reach, your content probably won’t make much sense if you include all of these. 

So it’s important to use a bit of common sense here and use as a guide.

Basically, you don’t want to sound like a robot. 

Using Frase.IO AI Writing

Now, let’s quickly cover the A.I writing option inside of 

Click on A.I Writer, write for me.

Type in; plumber in Texas, then click write for me. 

frase Ai writer

You will then see the A.I thinking, and once it’s done it will suggest a paragraph of text. 

Surprisingly, you can kind of get some decent content written for you by using the A.I writing tool. 

What I will say is, If you’re going to use A.I writer for content, then it’s important to make sure that you double-check the text yourself because some of it probably won’t make sense. 

For example, it has written: 

We’ve been serving Texas for 30 years. 

ai writer for frase result

You might not have been in business for that long so that number is going to be different, so you need to edit this content yourself. 

But A.I writers can be good for SEO by filling in the gaps or coming up with some unique ideas and angles that you probably wouldn’t have come up with before. 

Frase.IO Sharing Options

Okay, once you are happy with your brief or your content, you can then share it very easily. 

All you need to do is click the green share tab.

frase sharing options

You’ll see two links with two options. One is to share a read-only version, and the other is to share the full document. 

Pick the, share full document link and share that with your writer or editor.

It’s really that simple.

They will then have access to the same document you have and can begin editing inside of


I hope this has given some insight into how can benefit you with your content creation. 

Creating optimized content that will actually rank on Google with Frase is super easy and fun, not only that you’ll get more traffic to your site. 

If you want to get more leads and sales for your local business with local SEO, feel free to jump onto my website as


We run a local SEO agency that helps hundreds of websites just like yours, increase their rankings, get more traffic and scale their business using local SEO.