Google Maps SEO 2021: 6 Tips To Rank #1 On Google Maps

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If you want to get more traffic, more leads, and sales, and outrank your competitors every time using Google Maps, then this article is for you!

Below I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about how to use the right Google Maps SEO tactics for your website so you can start making more money.

Let’s get started!

What is Google Maps?

Most of us know that Google Maps offers satellite imagery and street maps with 360° interactive panoramic views of streets.

But did you know, it’s also a very powerful SEO marketing tool when used correctly?

google maps listing

Why should I be using Google Maps for my business?

When optimizing your business marketing on Google Maps you make it easier for customers to find you and ultimately drive more traffic to your business. 

Most brick-and-mortar business owners already know that Google Maps is an important tool for providing basic information about your company and where you’re located. 

However, what will give your business the edge over others is understanding how to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing for local SEO.

Tip 1. How to rank #1 on Google Maps

Now, the first step to ranking number one on Google Maps is to clean up your listing. 

What I mean by this is, you want to project the best possible image of your business on Google Maps as you can for your customers. 

How do you do that? 

Well, like I was saying, you clean house so to speak. 

Make sure your address is properly completed. That includes having some pictures, and some killer reviews. 

google maps reviews

Add as much information as you possibly can, because when people jump on your listing, you want to make sure they convert.

You want to make sure Google has all the information it needs to give your potential customers when they search you on Google Maps. 

Now what I will say is that the better your listing is, even if you’re not ranking number one and are lower on Google Maps than your competitors, you’re going to out convert them

A better listing means more customers regardless of your position. You’re going to attract more customers. 

So pay attention to what your competitors are doing and go above and beyond to stand out. This will give you a massive advantage. 

Tip 2. Build authority by getting backlinks

You want to be building some backlinks to your listings and your website.

The more authority you have as a website, the more likely Google is going to rank you above your competitors and their authority, credibility, and trust is everything when it comes to SEO. 

If you don’t build links, your competitors will, which means they’re going to outrank you. 

You have to kind of picture backlinks as a sort of voting system.

So, the more backlinks you have, a.k.a. votes, the higher you’re going to rank on Google. This is crucial. 

You must start building as many relevant, high-authority backlinks as you can.

Tip 3. Publish more content

More content means more authority. If you publish regular content in a particular niche, Google will start to see you as an authority and push traffic to your site.

This comes down to something called topical relevance. 

The more content you post on that particular topic, the more relevant Google will see your website when it crawls it in its algorithm. 

Whatever topic you’re focused on, whatever industry your business is in, you want to publish as much content as possible.

Be sure to keep the content quality very high so that Google sees your website as a go-to source of information that everyone needs to know about. 

Tip 4. You will need citations

Citations are very important for local SEO. They are kind of like a directory.

A citation is going to list your name, your address, and your phone number. 

When getting a citation, you want to make sure that the information is as consistent as possible across all your citation listings on the web. 

What citations should you use? 

Well, first of all, you want to use big directories, for example, Yelp. 

yelp directory

Make sure your business is listed there because a lot of customers will just go straight to these directories to find the information they want. 

Using these directories, like Yelp, can help you rank super high on Google and are a great potential source of traffic for your site. 

Not just that, you should also find the top industry citations relevant to you. 

So if you are a plumber, you want to find the biggest directories related to plumbing in your local area. 

Finally, you can look at how your competitors are getting citations and reverse engineer it to get the same citation.  

An example of this would be to go to Ahrefs, type in your competitor’s website and look at their backlink profile.

Ahrefs keyword explorer

You will see a list of all the websites giving a mention or citation to your competitor. 

Ahrefs backlink

You can then use all of those examples to reverse engineer how you can also obtain a mention from the same websites. 

Simply click on their backlink report.  

backlink profile

Doing this correctly will increase your rankings drastically. 

Tip 5. Customer reviews

Reviews are crucial when it comes to Google Maps. Why? 

Because it’s the most powerful form of social proof and this is extremely underrated. 

If you have two equal businesses, the one that has more reviews is going to rank higher on Google. 

It’s why customers may choose to buy from a website that has more reviews, even if they’re ranking lower. Why? 

Because that website has more social proof, so reviews are crucial for your site. 

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to a restaurant or a gym or whatever, you always check your reviews right. You want to see what customers are saying about that particular business. 

It’s the same for you and your local business if you want to get more customers. If you want to convince more customers to come to your local business, make sure you’re getting plenty of awesome reviews from your customers. 

How do you get more customer reviews? 

Well, first of all, you want to simply encourage them to leave a review. 

Yelp customer reviews

You need to make sure that you’re delivering an awesome service though. If you’re not delivering a good service why would customers leave a positive review?

So direct your happiest customers to leave reviews for your business. It will be a game-changer. 

Tip 6. Proximity is a massive ranking factor 

When customers are looking for a local business, Google is going to see their location and match local businesses that are as close as possible to that person. 

So this is a huge ranking factor that you can’t really control.

You want to try to make sure that you have close proximity to your customers where possible. 

For example, if your customers are searching for plumbers in New York and that’s where your service is, then your address on Google Maps should be in New York too or that particular area. 

So if they’ve got customers in Manhattan searching for plumbers and you service that area, make sure you have an address close to Manhattan. 

It’s not the most complicated algorithm in the world, but these are the tried, tested, and proven ways to rank your website higher. 

Tip 6. Take advantage of on-page SEO 

This is crucial not just for Google, not just for ranking your website higher, but also for converting the people who land on your website to sales and leads. 

Let’s say you get traffic from Google Maps, meaning you’ve done all the hard work to get customers by ranking well on Google Maps. 

When they land on your website, you want to make sure that you’re converting that traffic into sales. 

What does that mean? Well, this is called conversion rate optimization. 

How will your customers see your website when they land on your site? You want to direct them to a clear call to action.

That might be a buy-it-now option, booking in a quote, or calling you directly. 

Whatever action you want that customer to take next, make sure it’s very obvious on the page. 

And then there are other factors, too, for example, on-page SEO. So how fast does your website load? What is your content quality like? What are your core web vitals like? 

All of these factors for SEO are extremely important, so make sure you optimize for those two. 


The above tips are essential if you want to rank number one on Google Maps in 2021. 

Make sure to fully optimize your website once you are driving traffic to it and stay on top of your on-page SEO. 

Finally, you’ll want to be building links to your website to be seen as an authority in your niche.