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How to Rank #1 With Local SEO!

Local SEO Link Building: How To Rank #1 With Backlinks

If you’ve been following me or my work even a little, you’ll know by now that when it comes to local SEO links, the more backlinks a.k.a votes your website has, the higher it will rank on Google. This is because Google’s algorithm is like a voting system.  Since I talk about backlinks all the

5 Powerful Local SEO Tips To Help You Rank #1

Becoming a thriving local business and ranking #1 on Google does not happen overnight. You have to really work at marketing to get any recognition. How do you make sure that your business gets the attention it deserves? The answer? By following my best local SEO tips. SEO is created to show your content to the

Local SEO for Dentists

Did you know 97% of search engine users have used online search to find a local business?  If your dental practice isn’t on the first page of Google, you’re likely losing out on a ton of potential patients. Now, you might be aware of this issue, but you may have no idea how to create

How to Analyze Local SEO Competition

Did you know 46% of all searches on Google have ‘local intent?’  When you consider how many searches take place on Google, that stat represents a huge number of local searches.  If you own a local business, you might want to invest in SEO so that you can get in front of all these people

Case Studies

How We Increased This Payment Processor’s SEO Traffic By 58.41%

Overview: Our client (belonging to the finance niche), helps make payment processes simple for their clients. They wanted to rank higher with Local SEO. Goal: Increased organic traffic along with search visibility. Action Plan So we focused on targeting the right keywords, improving site health, optimizing blogs, creating authoritative content. The result? More local leads,

Case Studies

How We Helped An Auto Repair Shop Hit $1,387,650 Annual ROI With Local SEO

Overview: This was a locally owned auto shop that was not getting enough calls and leads from their website. Goal: Qualified Leads & Conversions Action Plan We moved to a conversion-focused approach to this client’s SEO and marketing strategy.  Using our on-page optimization process and local optimization, we increased their conversion rates on page and